About Us

Dolka is a selfless working company founded in 2016 in order to meet the needs of our customers with its expert engineers team to offer turnkey production processes, boilers, liquid filling, capping, labeling, shrink, safety band applications, cartoning robot systems together with innovation and R&D work.

Dolka’s Mission

Our mission is to;
● Provide benefits to customers and the community by producing the appropriate solutions to different customers together.
● Offer high quality products with affordable price in a short time,
● Provide consulting services with knowledge, skills and abilities,
● Determine solution development oriented market standards,
● Undertake the future engineering operation rather than today’s,
● Explore possible future developments, implement the necessary changes rapidly by identifying them in advance,
● Become a leader in the market by creating value for our customers and society at the highest level with innovative and creative solutions.

In line with this mission, Dolka is a corporate with vision to prove itself primarily in Turkey and then the world and have become the preferred brand by creating its own design concept and technology by being innovator rather than impersonator together with management approach which is taking its power from its employees.

Dolka is able to offer the best products to its clients with experienced and skilled team of engineers and designers, innovation and R&D work in a wide range from idea stage to design process and from the design to the production process.


Idea Phase;

The beginning of each project is an idea. Ideas emerge about the product which may be on the market produced by the company or other companies or customer might need at the beginning of the each machine. These ideas can come from employees at all levels within the company, customers, and suppliers.

Research and Development Phase;

New ideas will be evaluated by our experts. Feasibility studies carried out meticulously. The project which will be conducted in this study will be investigated whether is there any similar products or not. Previous examples will be investigated. Necessary research will be launched for the product’s technical specifications and necessary criteria will be created for the design.

Creation of Design Input;

The specifications of the product will be determined. We will try to think as the customer of the product while these specifications are created. The goal is not to create the cheapest or most expensive product; it is to provide the best product to customer as price – performance efficiency.


The designer considers the product both from the customer and manufacturer perspective and undertakes innovation work in order to keep the satisfaction at the highest level for everyone. Each line, each curve, each touch is a decision. Design phase is the stage where the most decisions are taken. Experience and competence of the design team affects the performance and identity of the product at the highest level.

Engineering Analysis;

Engineering calculations must be performed before starting production for verification of the engineering design.


This is where the design becomes reality. The design will be finalized after analysis are done and necessary design revisions performed. Manufacturing drawings will be created. After creating the production plan it will be determined whether the production will take place within the company or fason. The manufactures parts will be mounted by our expert mounting team.


It is the stage of testing the manufacturing processes of the product prior to delivery. System problems will be detected. Necessary controls and adjustments will be made in this stage as well. Delivery takes place after the product tested for a week.


Provide benefits to customers and the community by producing the appropriate solutions to different customers together.